Life of Love is the story of the life and work of Marie-Paule Giguère, a mother of our time, whose divine intimacy with Heaven opens new horizons.

Born in Lac-Etchemin, Quebec, on September 14, 1921, on the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, Marie-Paule is the eldest of a family of 10 children. Her childhood was similar to that of the young people of that time, but from the age of ten, she nourished an intense spiritual interior life that would quickly lead her in the footsteps of the greatest saints. She wanted to consecrate herself to the Lord in religious life, but events led her towards marriage. A happy mother of five children, she nevertheless had to face all kinds of difficulties and, moved by an authentic charity and love for souls and for God, she endured and offered extreme suffering for souls. Over the years she climbed all the steps of the spiritual life until she reached, in the entirety of her being, the higher worlds. In doing so, she opens new paths for humanity.

Marie-Paule en 1941
Marie-Paule en 1960
Marie-Paule en 1971
Marie-Paule en 1975
Marie-Paule en 1980
Marie-Paule en 1984


By obedience, and under the title Life of Love, she wrote the account of her life (volume I) which is the preparation of “the instrument” for the Work that Heaven wants for this time (other volumes and complements).

Over the years, various works have been created:

  • the Army of Mary (1971) which aims at the “interior reform” of its members;

  • the Family of the Sons and Daughters of Mary (1981) which is dedicated to the defence and promotion of family values;

  • the Community of the Sons of Mary (1981) where religious, Priests and Brothers, work at the Work for our times;

  • the Community of the Daughters of Mary (1981) where the nuns also give themselves for the expansion of the Work;

  • the Oblate-Patriots (1986) which brings together men and women who are prepared, through prayer and study, to work on the social and political levels;

  • the Marialys Institute (1992) which brings together priests faithful to the Church and lay people called to devote themselves especially to young people;

In addition to these five works, there were then to be the foundation of three institutions of another order:

The Community of the Lady of All Peoples;

The Church of John;

The Sacred Royalty.

Life of Love is an incomparable “sum”: a daily Gospel, especially destined for our times, but also the collection of heavenly indications from which Marie-Paule benefited. Beneath their apparent simplicity, these indications reveal an immense and completely current Mystery: that of the Co-Redemption, the second phase of the total Redemption undertaken by Jesus Christ.