Since its foundation on August 28, 1971, the Marian Work that is the Army of Mary has been evolving under the gaze of God, for true unity is of a spiritual order. When the same ideal unites souls, harmony is profound and joyful.

We’re not asking for anything. God provides and inspires the generous hearts of both lay people and religious. In fact, many members, moved by the ideal of giving and giving, generously offer themselves as volunteers for the purpose of apostolate.

Thus, in order to meet the growing needs of the Work, which was developing discreetly and in order to respond to the multiple demands of its members, a secretariat was set up on the premises of the Work in the early 1970s. It is the place where the secretaries send out and distribute the Army of Mary magazine and a few leaflets and books on spirituality.


About ten years later, following the acquisition of a new building on chemin de la Canardière in Quebec City, the library of the Centre de l’Immaculée was created and moved to larger premises, as the needs increased.

In 1984, it officially took the name Librairie Espoir et Vie.


In 1997, the Le Rosier d’Or boutique opened its doors on 22nd Street in the Limoilou district of Quebec City. At the same time, a network of small bookstores is created in the different dioceses to favour remote members in the different regions.

After 18 years of street-front operations, it has been decided that as of August 15, 2015 Le Rosier d’Or will become exclusively an online boutique in order to facilitate access for all customers. Thus, the Quebec City store closes its doors and merchandise is transferred to Lac-Etchemin, at 305, rue industrielle, from where orders are now processed.