Ateliers Jean-Raphaël

– Statues –

The Sons of Mary statuary workshop was founded in 1984 in Quebec City. Taking advantage of the training they received from Mr. Arsène Manucci, whose work and spirit they intend to perpetuate, they made their first statues mainly in plaster and cement.
In 1997, the workshop expands and moves to Lac-Etchemin. Today, the statues are made with new materials and adapted technology. Urethane is mainly used as the raw material because of its lightness and resistance. Nevertheless, each statue is still made entirely by hand and painted using techniques inherited from Mr. Manucci.

Ateliers Jean-Raphaël

– Candles –

In addition to making the candles necessary for liturgy, the Jean-Raphaël workshop specializes in making large decorative candles of a religious nature. Entirely handmade, these candles can be used for different occasions: baptism, first communion, confirmation, wedding, anniversary, etc.
They are designed to last indefinitely since only a small lantern, located inside, burns out, preserving the beauty and integrity of the memory.

MA Domina inc.

– Handicraft –

Placing their artistic talents at the service of the Work of the Lady of All Nations, the Daughters of Mary have opened an M.-A. Domina Inc. handicraft workshop that presents various items bearing the effigy of the Lady: statues, medals, cards, images with prayer in different languages on the back, bookmarks, key rings and other souvenirs, as well as laminated plaques and frames.
Among other achievements are numerous spiritual and secular cards for all circumstances, various pious images with or without prayers, stationery, the year calendar, various photos, etc.
They also make various religious articles, such as statuettes, decorative candles, flowered crosses, etc.

Workshops Le Rosaire

– Rosaries –

At Fatima Mary came to implore the world to pray the Rosary, the weapon of salvation for our times: “Say the Rosary every day to obtain peace for the world”. It was also Pope John Paul II’s favourite prayer.
The communities of the Sons and Daughters of Mary make rosaries in order to spread this prayer so powerful on the heart of their beloved Mother.

Les Fils de Marie-Joseph inc.

– Binding –

The bookbinding workshop of the Sons of Mary offers a service of restoration and enhancement of quality religious books.

It also makes it possible to have collections of the newspaper or magazine “Le Royaume” bound in order to preserve them preciously in a format that is easy to store and consult.